What To Wear


What you wear may be one of the most important details of your session. Outfits must coordinate and photograph well.


You don’t have to match, but find commonalities in your outfits to give the photos the same color palette and feel.

It’s fun to dress up, but it’s just as compelling to pick the pieces that feel authentically like you. If you have a favorite dress, top, or go-to color, incorporate it in your pictures. If you feel like yourself, you’ll look more natural on camera, too.

A floaty dress can look gorgeous from the right angles. Play up an asymmetrical hemline with a shot of you and your fiancé walking.

No matter what it is or why you love it, make sure you’re comfortable and happy in your outfit. It’ll show when you do, and it’ll show when you don’t — and you want to make your partner and your love the focus of the shoot, not any insecurities you may have.